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This ought to go well

Headlines that do not fill me with peaceful confidence:

Planning Commission OKs alcohol at site of proposed gun store

A local arms dealer is moving out of the city to an old factory site, a couple miles from a leading edge of suburban expansion, with an eye towards competing with Cabela’s/Scheels/Bass Pro. The dealer and his cohort—”nearly all” of whom are professionals!—have already been shooting outdoors, which is legal in the county. Neighbors include a mini-storage facility, and an in-home daycare.

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Push all the paper

It shouldn’t be surprising that there is a substantial bureaucracy attached to Certified Organic products—the National Organic Program is administered by the Federal Government, after all. As an office clerk, I need not know the intricacies of  organic standards or the politics behind them. I’ve always been preoccupied by the intersection of public policy and our food system; what I want is to develop a useful self-educational way to explore its issues.

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