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Month: September 2016

This ought to go well

Headlines that do not fill me with peaceful confidence:

Planning Commission OKs alcohol at site of proposed gun store

A local arms dealer is moving out of the city to an old factory site, a couple miles from a leading edge of suburban expansion, with an eye towards competing with Cabela’s/Scheels/Bass Pro. The dealer and his cohort—”nearly all” of whom are professionals!—have already been shooting outdoors, which is legal in the county. Neighbors include a mini-storage facility, and an in-home daycare.

Push all the paper

It shouldn’t be surprising that there is a substantial bureaucracy attached to Certified Organic products—the National Organic Program is administered by the Federal Government, after all. As an office clerk, I need not know the intricacies of  organic standards or the politics behind them. I’ve always been preoccupied by the intersection of public policy and our food system; what I want is to develop a useful self-educational way to explore its issues.

Not a good look

Last night, a sheriff’s deputy shot a motorist during a traffic stop, but nobody is explaining why. The vehicle apparently started moving again, and then:

Moments later, the deputy reported shots fired and called for medical crews, reporting that the motorist was down and didn’t have a pulse but that he was OK.

Dispatchers had asked that a medical helicopter be put on standby, but officials later canceled it. An update on the motorists condition wasn’t immediately available.

Cass County Sheriff’s Department is already referring questions to the county attorney, who has not been available for comment. The Omaha World Herald reported the motorist’s condition as grave, with no further update.

Baby steps

Last night I played my third complete game of Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures. Not much happened of note; I flew a Scum & Villainy squad for the first time, and lost big (again—but no big deal; at the moment I’m just happy to be flying).

At one point late in the fight, I did manage to slide my clunky freighter between two (custom painted!) enemy ships. Still didn’t save my pilot from obliteration, but it was nice to have made a correct wild-assed guess about movement range.

Close-up photo of X-Wing Miniatures gameplay with three ships
Threading the needle with a HWK-290 at HobbyTown USA in Lincoln, Nebraska, September 6, 2016.

Notwithstanding the newbie losing streak, this is my all-time favorite learning curve. I’ve got at least one game lined up tonight.

Appetite for overconsumption

Someone has “reimagined” the lunch box as a $79.00 app-driven bento box with an “evolving library of recipes” and built-in calorie counting. “The Prepd Pack puts the app in bon appétit,” raves industrial design news aggretator Core77. Leaving aside the execrable tech trend of dropping vowels from a common word and calling that a brand name, let me just say that this is a flawlessly executed Kickstarter campaign—$1,439,098 pledged on a $25,000 goal—one that lands a direct hit on the Trendy Appropriation of an Existing Concept bingo square. (h/t Internet of Shit)